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Salsa Radio Onl..

Salsa Radio Onl..

Loop mobile - August 18,2014

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New salsa aplicaión where you can listen 24 hours a day. If you want to dance salsa or merengue and have not heard, we will put the music of Radio Salsa to not stop dancing. With a multitude of varied rhythms.
The sauce is the term used since the seventies to define the genre resulting in a synthesis of Cuban musical influences with other elements of Caribbean music, jazz and Latin American music, especially Afro-Cuban jazz. The sauce was developed by musicians of origin "Latin" "Latin American" in the Hispanic Caribbean and New York City.
The sauce covers various styles like salsa dura, romantic salsa and timba.
The musician Eduardo Morales salsa defines as "a new twist on the traditional rhythms to the beat of Cuban music and the cultural voice of a new generation" and "a representation of Cuban and Latino identity in New York."
The Cuban director Machito said the sauce was, more or less, what he had touched for forty years (between 1930 and 1970) before the musical genre and renamed it.
The New Yorker of Puerto Rican musician Tito Puente, denied the existence of salsa as a genre in itself and said that "what they call salsa is what I've played for many years: it's called mambo, guaracha, cha cha, guaguancó. All Cuban music is. sauce eaten, not heard, not dance. "
However authors note as a key element in the emergence of the sauce in the seventies the musical work of Puerto Rican musicians and their culture, in the island of Puerto Rico and its Diaspora New York. It indicates the specific gravity of Puerto Ricans in New York that while minority, were numerically far superior to any Latin American settlement. It also argues that the court in the cultural exchange between Cuba and the United States in reaction against the Cuban revolution of 1959 - boosted the role of Puerto Ricans in the Latin music scene of New York.
The sauce has the following characteristics:
Rhythm: Use as a base are the key, the rhythmic pattern of Cuban son, in a measure of 4/4.

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