SAYTYA - Free Calls & Messages
SYSVISION GmbH. - Jan 1, 2015


*************** Free Messaging ***************
SAYTYA connects everyone on the planet for free with text, pics, voice and free calls & conferences.
Call, text, create groups and send photos or voice memos to your loved ones, worldwide.

*************** Always Available ***************
VoIP to VoIP
VoIP to Cell
Cell to VoIP
Cell to Cell

SAYTYA uses VoIP when in WiFi - if WiFi is not availabe it uses our revolutionary and patented calling technology to trigger a cellular call or callback to the SAYTYA cloud via a temporary and local phone number.
So Paris calls London from Taxi to Taxi via their cellular plans - and New York can join in via WiFi.
SAYTYA does all this for free - or at the price of a local call if you are still charged for cellular minutes on your smartphone.

*************** We respect your Privacy ***************

In order to use SAYTYA there is no need to share your address book or to
connect with Facebook.
Just choose your own SAYTYA name and log in via email address & password.
No phone number or SIM card is required to join!
Optional logins via Facebook or contact sync are always at your free choice.

*************** Our Mission ***************
Here at SAYTYA we’re a team of technologists and visionaries
working together to build the ultimate all-in-one communication app.
Our vision is to make SAYTYA the first truly social App by donating more and more of our income to charity for children and animals in need.
Therfore we need your help to help. Please spread the word and give us feedback
to improve SAYTYA day by day.

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Current Version
Requires Android
Jan 1, 2015
Android 2.3 or higher