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Apps by Virgil Adams II - Sep 11, 2014
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This app is is the generic app for android and iphone SDA Everything app, If this app dos not work for you try using the better newer SDA Everything for Tablets app that is lower in the list.
Everything SDA I fist made for me, so that I could have quick access to SDA content where ever I happen to be. I believe that God should be shared with everyone so I am sharing this app with you in the hope that it will help bring you and I closer to God.
This app links you to Seventh Day Adventist content including Most of the Sabbath School Lessons including Pod casts and Video. You will have hours and hours of SDA Reading, Video and Pod casts at your finger tips.
Audio, Reader and Player.
This app includes:
Amazing Facts, Amazing Facts Presents, It is Written, AWR, Hope TV, The Hope Channel, 3abn, Life Style Magazine, Your Story Hour, and so much more. Ellen G. White, EG WHITE, Adventist News, a Just for kids section and so much more.
This app is brought to you by My home Church, the Enterprise SDA Church in Kansas.
Thank you for installing and Keep God #1.
Virgil Adams

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Current Version
Requires Android
Sep 11, 2014
Android 2.2 or higher

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