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Slacker Radio..

Slacker Radio..

Slacker Inc. - July 24,2015

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Slacker Radio is all about reconnecting you to what makes radio great. Our team of curators have built hundreds of stations that will deliver the hits, surprise you, and keep you completely looped in to what's happening in the worlds of music, news and entertainment. Our hosts will keep you company along the way, including guest-commentators ranging from John Legend to Tyler Oakley to Florida Georgia Line.
While we start with an expert team of curators who create exceptional stations, the final music flow is dictated by the songs and artists that you "heart" and "ban." This interactivity even extends into news and sports programming from ABC, ESPN and more.
Listen free for as long as you like or upgrade to a Slacker subscription for ad-free listening, unlimited song skips, offline play and on-demand access to your favorite songs, albums and artists.
Verizon users can also subscribe to Slacker Tones and set their favorite music as Ringtones and Ringback Tones.
Slacker Radio. Radio that listens to you.

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  • UpdatedJuly 24,2015
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  • Current Version6.0.1783
  • Requires AndroidAndroid 4.0 or higher