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KEICE SOFT - Jan 23, 2018
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I want to launch the application immediately! But have you ever had time to waste time trying to find an app?

Normally, when launching the android application, I think that I am looking for an application that I want to start and return to the home screen once. However, I think that there are many experiences with having difficulty finding the application that I want to launch. It is this application to cut such hardships and wasteful time!
By using this application, you can pre-register frequently used applications and shortcuts, list them immediately and start them. Furthermore, as a feature of this application, "display of application list" ~ "activation" is complete with only 1 swipe ! Also, since the app list is a fan-shaped according to the movement of the thumb, the operation with the thumb is very easy.
As a convenient recommendation function, it is "a function to register a displayed launcher as is" or "page turning function". Organization is possible on the page. Also, using "shortcut", friends of LINE can also call directly.

* Free trial period for 30 days. (After the trial is still available within 4 items)

* Folding fan is popular in Japan and the fans.

Registration type:
✓ Application
✓ Shortcut
✓ Back, Home, History, Notification bar
✓ Flashlight On / Off
✓ Wi-Fi 、Bluetooth On/Off
✓ Recent applications that you use
✓ Media volume / mute
✓ Ringtone switching
✓ Brightness level
✓ Empty space
✓ Screenshot
✓ Feed page

✓ Position of start area
✓ Quick Menu
✓ Landscape Enable / Disable
✓ Amount of drags to display launcher
✓ During keyboard display Enable / Disable
✓ Blacklist
✓ Change of fan of shape and color
✓ Change title
✓ Change icon
✓ Easy Setup

How to start :
1. To open a fan shape launcher by swiping your thumb at out of the side frames.
2. Release your thumb on an app which you would like to open.

Initial settings :
- Select “List”
- Tap “+” then you can add apps and shortcut function etc.
- If you would like to remove apps or shortcut from the list, hold down selected subject.

Usage of Page turning :
1. Select “List” and tap “Page feed”.
2. Insert a division
3. On the launcher picture, you can turn page by swiping “Page feed" icon.

Action (Turn back, Home, History, Notification) :
“Setting”-“Accessibility” and turn on this app.

”Blacklist”, “Recent Apps” and “Add App presently used to list” :
“Setting”-“Security”-“Apps with usage access” and turn on this app.

Recent App :
- “Recent App” is listed from the top.
- Android OS is programmed to reset “Recent App” once in a day.

Media (in Japan) :
2016/02/01 Appliv

2016/03/31 Weekly ASCII AndroidPLUS

2015/08/06 Mobile WATCH

2015/03/15 Okutoba

Facebook :

Webpage :

Feedback and Comment :
We appreciate if you give us any feedback about this app.
- An anonymous comment is accepted.

Q&A :
When giving permissions of other applications, an overlay warning is issued and you can not give permission
You need to temporarily turn off this application before giving permission for other applications.
(This is an Android OS specification to prevent a malicious overlay application from automatically granting permission)

[Use service assistance function]
This app uses accessibility services.

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Current Version
Requires Android
Jan 23, 2018
Android 4.1.2 or higher

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