Sony Mobile Communications - Nov 13, 2014


Official Sony SmartWatch app
To use a SmartWatch, you must install this app on your Android smartphone. Use the app to edit settings, enable/disable apps, select watch interface and find apps developed for SmartWatch on Google Play™. When you have installed this app, it will not appear on your home screen. Instead, it will be integrated into LiveWare™ manager.
This is the official application for the Sony SmartWatch. You must install this application to use the SmartWatch device. It allows you to search for new Google Play applications, change settings and enable/disable downloaded apps, change settings for built-in vibrating alert, and much more.
Note: This application will not be visible in your phone’s home screen. Access application settings via Smart Connect (LiveWare™ Manager), or via your phone’s status bar.
With a SmartWatch on your wrist, you'll miss nothing. Your world is at your fingertips with this Android-powered watch.
The Sony SmartWatch features an easy-to-use, ultra-responsive touch display. Finding your way around SmartWatch is super simple. Your world’s just a tap, swipe or press away.
Want to do more with your SmartWatch? Download compatible applications on Google Play. And customize your SmartWatch to make it exclusively yours.
Customize your SmartWatch with your own 20mm wristband. Or wear it using the stylish wristband included. You can even use it as a clip. This ultra-thin Android remote has been designed to impress.

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Current Version
Requires Android
Nov 13, 2014
Android 2.1 or higher

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