Snake Slither Crawl : Crawl Snake Worms 2018
FunnyAppsDeveloper - Feb 22, 2018


An addictive snake crawl game!

Snake Slither Crawl : Crawl Snake Worms 2018 is an addictive leisure free mobile game. There are many snakes, modern and classic snikes too, If others run into your tail, Than they will explode. If your worm head touches another worms body, Than you will be die and become the light dots. So you have a flighting chance, even if you're a little serpent!, try to make themselves into the largest and longest worm.

Snake Slither Crawl is a fully skill adventure game.
Give your snake new features live for long time as long as possible.
Try your best to become the biggest and longest snake. Focus on the light dots along the way ,use your enough length to trap them in circles, when you are strongest ,use your enough length to trap them in circles.

Want to survive longer?
You need to develop a slither strategy to attack other worms, when others touch your body, they will explode and die, you can eat their body or focus on the light along the way, to increase my own strength.

Snake slither crawl Features:
- Slide the mobile snake game
- free to all players
- Many worms can choose
- classic snake
- Intuitive screen operation
- There are strategic crawl routes
- become the largest worm
- Share Snake Online IO with your friends
- snake crawl game
- Play anytime, anywhere - online or offline
-Slither worms anywhere you like
-More snakes to choose

Be sneaky in front of larger serpents to defeat them!

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Current Version
Requires Android
Feb 22, 2018
Android 2.3 or higher

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