Sniper Contract Shooter 2018
EyeSol Games Studio - Sep 13, 2017
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A dangerous FPS shooting war started between the terrorist’s militants and a gun shooter furious commando. The lone elite army killer takes out a desperate terrorist by a perfect head shot. You are an army trained sniper skilled commando assassin hired as a contract shooter killing machine by a military secret agency which is familiar to hire modern deadliest sniper sharp shooter to go on a military assassin secret mission by taking out heads of the enemy combatants. You the pro gunner extreme killer, fight on the mountains and clear the all the area from the dangerous terrorists of evil forces to keep going as a contract army commando deadliest shooter. You will also battle as a furious killer commando of best military force in the elite commando brutal war fare. Your combat extreme killer sniper shooter skills sharpened and accelerated the frequently at the time of battle. Enemy is fully equipped with the heavy weapons and waiting for you so get ready for the brutal action.
Sniper Contract Shooter 2018 is a thrilling action FPS Mountain Sniper Shooter Game with real-life 3D graphics. Aim and Shooter Full Sniper Action game 2018
In the sniper gun silent assassin gun shooter game, you need your perfect shot one hit kill skills. Be the fury gun sniper shooter and wipe out your brutal enemy using your super sniper killer shot expertise. You are the only pro-gun sharp shooter that we can hope to win the deadly war. Use your skilled assassin shooter skills to get the victory from the enemy. Test your shooting skills in various locations and weather conditions to get the title of the legendary killer ultimate shooter. Fight the deadly war like a real super war hero. You are best sniper in your training days and well known as the killing machine. Many challenging and interesting missions are waiting for you. Complete all the missions with three stars to become the sharp shooter. Every successful mission will give you some cash, use this cash to buy more deadly weapons or to unlock more interesting levels. If your health come to zero your mission will fail and you must start it again.
This offers you Amazing HD graphics, 3d environment and cool animations which will make the game best among all the top shooting games. Challenging missions, great controls and smooth game play will keep you in zone for hours. Download this wonderful game from the play store and have fun!
How to play:
• Tap the bullet button to open fire.
• Press on screen and adjust your aim
• Tap on left or right buttons to move left or right.
• Free to play for tablet and mobile
• Ultra HD 3d Graphics
• Realistic sounds
• Easy and smooth controls
• Beautiful 3d snow hill environment
• Interesting and challenging missions

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Current Version
Requires Android
Sep 13, 2017
Android 2.3 or higher

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