Snort cocaine
Silverdroid - Aug 18, 2014


More than 1.000.000 downloads !!
Snort cocaine, the first free simulation for snorting cocaine!
Warning: cocaine, cannabis and other drugs are ILLEGAL and UNHEALTHY. Don't do drugs or weed! Drugs are bad, mkay. On the contrary, virtual drugs are harmless.
NEW : You can now unlock Meth and Ecstasy (also called exta or MDMA)! For the first time ever on Android, try virtual Crystal Meth or Ecstasy virtual snort!
You do drugs legally with snort cocaine free !
For the first time you can ride the rails of cocaine everywhere! No more problem with the cops!
How it works: you need to TOUCH THE SCREEN with your nose and snort to simulate taking the white line of cocaine. You hear the snorting! The cocaine decrease and when you are finished doing drug you can see your time.
Test your friends to see who is the master of snorting!
Sniff how much you want!
You can use it too to stop taking cocaine.
This is a unique free and healthy way to do drugs. You save a lot of money by stopping to buy cocaine to your dealer!
If you liked Virtual Cigarette free and smoke weed legally, you are going to love snort cocaine!
This application is just a simulation, not real cocaine.
Related to Rusty Rail.

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Current Version
Requires Android
Aug 18, 2014
Android 2.2 or higher

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