Sodfa plus social
Esmaeel Qashalla - Jan 11, 2017


Sodfa plus social is a Random chat and messaging app that allows you easily and totally random find new friends. It’s an app for free text, video, photo and elegant Emoji’s and stickers NOW with social media
1.Write a message. 2.Send this message to Male or Female. 3.Wait For reply/replies.
Firstly you send a text message a huge number of our users will get your message, and when user/s decide to reply to you, you will get in chat window (with Emoji’s and media sharing..etc) and begin chatting with this user (1 on 1), if you like him/her you can tab [add friend] and if s/he accept your request, his name will be added to your friends list, and your name to his/her friends list.
You can Block or remove friend. Removing friend will not prevent him/her from continue the conversation in the same chat window, if you want to “get rid” of him/her,tap on block icon in top of hid/her conversation.
•FREE chat: chat with people freely, and make new friends.
• No need for registration process, you just provide a name. and define your TRUE gender, and you are in!
• FIND PEOPLE: find people that may meet your interests, AND THEY MAY HELP YOU WITH THEIR KNOWLEDGE.
• MULTIMEDIA MESSAGING: Send video, image, text, audio,records messages.
*note: we will not limit your video file size, but for large video files you should wait a long time.
• Profile picture (just friend can see).
• Send: photo, video, audio, and capture directly from camera.
• copy and delete share messages from a conversation.
• Change notification behavior: Disable notifications, change notifications sounds, notify by vibration or disable vibration.
• New unique Smiles that exactly simulate your feelings.
• Exact delivery reporting: 1.waiting message (o’clock icon) 2. Message Sent to the server(one v). 3. Partner received the message (double v), double tick (seen)

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Current Version
Requires Android
Jan 11, 2017
Android 4.0 or higher

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