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Solar Charger F..

Solar Charger F..

MHedia.de - November 08,2014

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Charge your phone using Solar Charger Free via the screen with the power of sun. There is enough light, you can reach voltages of up to 3.6 volts. Simply start the app, put it in the sun and watch as it regenerates your smartphones battery.
To protect your phone, never put it for a long time to the direct sunlight, because the high temperatures can damage it.
Featurerequests and bugreports are handled with high priority, just send an email, I will answer as soon as possible. You can write me in German and English…
Of course, the screen of your Android smartphones can not use as solar panel. Solar Chager Free is just a fun-app, note more! With this app you can prank your friends. To make the illusion complete, the application uses the brightness sensors of the device. Note this in your rating, because it is technically not possible to use the display as solar in order to generate electricity and charge your battery.

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  • UpdatedNovember 08,2014
  • Size220.4KB
  • Downloads31,413
  • Current Version1.0.4
  • Requires AndroidAndroid 1.6 or higher