Son of War : Critical Ops
Game Contrivers - Apr 16, 2018


A world war is a large scale of battle involving many powerful countries of the world. The powerful countries and Hitler wants to win the ww2 and destroy all neighboring countries and make them slave. Now you are the special operation commando and you have to save your country and finish the World War 2 and defend your country the battle between Nazi Germany against the Soviet Union and other countries. Games in this category throw players into the crucible of one of the largest military conflicts of mankind, showing it from completely different angles, offering players a lot of roles and points of view. Deploy your combatants and defeat Nazi Germany Stalin and win the eastern World War 2. Get ready for the deadliest world war battle against the Nazi Germany soviet and other sharpshooter military bases its time to attack them with your commando combatants and win the Second World War ww2 for your country. The Nazi Germany forces attacked on your military bases with their high explosive tanks and weapons. The game demonstrate all the brutality and horrors of the war, offering players places in the wet trenches, over which bullets are constantly whistling. The conflict great war began in 1941 with red army special forces and ended in 1945 when the Germany Soviet Union Stalin combatants surrender the berlin offensive. Join the extreme second world war game where the enemies created alliance against you and your combatants in the battleground ww2 so lead your army and save your country and finish all your enemy tanks and their anti-tank rifles. It’s the secret strategic operation it’s time to load your grand rifle and make a yalghar on your enemy’s and win the world war for your country and go to the next secret red army mission .The First World War was the first war, where mankind used tanks, so there are enough similar technical monsters in the games about the First World War and ww2 you have to finish all your enemy and back to your military unit camp. This is word war you have to be very care full the enemy armed forces and tanks are everywhere in their battle ground you have to follow your map and destroy the thrilling targets infantry and complete your impossible mission. Use your bazooka and assault rifle and destroy the enemy armed forces. Use your x-marine experience and fight with no mercy clear the warzone area and go for your next battle mission. Use your anti craft guns and defend the enemy airstrikes in the yalghar battle ground. It’s the second world war the heavy explosion are everywhere watch and destroy your targets with your team. You are the best armchair commander and expert in military strategy games and fast shooter in modern combat warfare join your mission you will enjoy the real tank game and tycoon game. Use all controls to complete your surgical mission quick in time and go for the next mission with your team And load antitank gun the enemy tanks are everywhere in the battle ground save your armed force and destroy all your enemy to complete your surgical missions. Controls are very soft and easy use all controls for best shooting and assault results.

Full Action Commando Game.
Totally free to play.
Smooth and Steady Controllers.
Highly Optimized for low configuration devices.
Realistic 3D graphics with amazing sound effects.
15 different Missions to complete with a Story Mode.
6 different World War 2 (WW2) guns.
Localized game play (11 different languages).
Play as an American Commando and let’s finish this long lasting World War 2 (WW2) and bring back peace in the region.
Download and please provide us your suggestions for further improvements.

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Current Version
Requires Android
Apr 16, 2018
Android 4.0 or higher

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