Speed Traffic Highway Car Racer: Motorsport Racing
JS Productions - Oct 17, 2017


Have you had the experience of racing fast track cars with city famous car racing specialists? If no, then get read to enjoy the best ever racing game, Speed Traffic Highway Car Racer: Mortorsport Racing. This ultimate highway car racing game give you the ultimate and thrilling experience of deadly car racing on off road tracks. Enjoy the best in town car racing game with extreme game play options and drag simulation. Drift your super fast sports car in timed missions to be the champion of this infinite car racing game. Become the legend of highway car racing in this Speed Traffic Highway Car Racer: Mortorsport Racing game.

This top speed highway car racer takes the racing genre to a next level. This authentic car racing game allows you to enjoy racing drift adventures and action racing in speed car mania. Drag Simulation game includes various deadly killing tracks and elevated highways to challenge your racing skills on off road tracks. Get behind the wheels of your fast moving sports cars and enjoy rally car racing in this vibrant game play.

Speed Traffic Highway Car Racer: Mortorsport Racing includes various game play options like rally car racing, highway city sport car racing, dessert car rally, top formula car racing and police hide and seek missions. Get off the car speed limits and fool the police by showing ultimate car racing skills in rushy streets. Unlock various difficult tracks by successfully completing racing missions, and earn cash by defeating super fast car racers. Modify your racing sports car by upgrading car parts and control modes.

Speed Traffic Highway Car Racer: Mortorsport Racing requires your insane racing skills and heavy sports car drifting skills on off road bumpy tracks. Use your intelligent car driving skills on sharp turns and sudden depressions on deserted forest racing tracks. Make no mistake while drifting in busy city highway roads, you can not afford to loose your high speed sports car in this ultimate car racing game. Build up your winning streak in city car racing tournaments to knockout experienced car racers and become master of Speed Traffic Highway Car Racer: Mortorsport Racing game.

Speed Traffic Highway Car Racer: Mortorsport Racing includes new features like nitro boost and rear camera view to use better racing strategies in deadly car racing. Asphalt boost helps you to leave your rivals far behind in a single go and to accelerate as much as you can. Be the top seed of this endless arcade racing game and leave your rivals matchless. Show your excellent car driving and extreme skills in one of the best physics based arcade game.

Speed Traffic Highway Car Racer: Mortorsport Racing Features:

- Extremely fast and addictive gameplay with realistic 3D cockpit view
- Heavy Duty Sport car racing with easy and smooth controls
- Endless car racing with high quality 3D stunning graphics
- Adventurous drive among city traffic with amazing quality sound effects
- Nitro Booster for super-speed during knockout racing missions
- Smooth and realistic controller handling with detailed internal & external camera views
- Different locations detailed environments and different vehicles to race on
- Basic customization through paint and wheels

Let’s drive your rally sports vehicle and dodge to become the ultimate Fast Track Car Racer!

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Current Version
Requires Android
Oct 17, 2017
Android 4.0 or higher

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