Spider Prank
Prankdesk - Apr 21, 2017


4 Spider Pranks in one Package including Spider in Phone Prank, Spider on Hand Prank, Spiders in Photos Prank, Spider Smasher Game.

Spider Pranks in a whole package including following pranks:

1. Spider in Phone Prank : Spider in phone prank is easy to execute. Start the Spider in Phone Prank and chose the spider your want to crawl on your phone. Spider crawl on phone screen till you stop spiders by clicking on notification to stop spider prank.

2. Spider on Hand Prank : Spider on Hand Prank is easy to execute. You can start the prank and chose when you want the spiders to start crawl. App Starts Camera view on screen so that you can focus screen on your friends hands to show them Spiders crawling on their hand. Be Careful while using the prank as you can friends may get scared looking at spider in hand.

3. Spiders in Photos : Spider in Photos is easy to use. You can chose which photos you want to add spiders to and chose one of many spiders we have to create Photos with Spiders crawling on them.

4. Spider Smasher Game: Why limit to Pranks when you can play Spider Smasher Game to entertain yourself. Spider Smasher Game provides endless entertainment for you.

Spider Prank is a complete package with entertaining Spider Pranks and Spider Games.

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Current Version
Requires Android
Apr 21, 2017
Android 3.0 or higher

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