Spirit Radar Ghost Sensor
PixelBro - Jan 12, 2018


Spirit Radar - a radar for the search for paranormal activity of ghost, using EMF technology shows activity within a room or a small building.

Also in the appendix is ​​a large list of rituals for summoning spirits and essences sorted by categories: safe, dangerous, deadly.

Also in the application there is Spirit Box (SpiritBox) with the decryption of incoming data.

Spirit Boxing is the principle of communicating with the spirit, with the help of an electromagnetic wave. For this principle, radio is used, with which the entities can communicate with you, changing the frequency and length of the radio wave, which, our algorithm, is converted into words.

This is not all, in the application is laid the base with rituals, and mystical rites, on the call of spirits and some essences.

The base is divided into categories:

"Safe" are rituals that do not need careful preparation. And can be spent by any unprepared person.

"Dangerous" - complex rituals, quite dangerous for an unprepared person.

"Deadly" - very complex rituals, the risk of injury (mental or physical) is very large. It is not recommended to use these rituals, people with weak psyche, as well as unprepared, weak spirit personalities.

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Jan 12, 2018
Android 4.1.2 or higher

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