StickMan Boost : Parkour Freedom Platform
Blacksheep Mobi - Apr 21, 2018
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StickMan Boost : Parkour Freedom Platform

** Are you love adventure sports, parkour performances ??
** Are you crazy fans of stickman style game ???
** Can you finish all the levels of stickman vex action platformer?
** Download and Play now : StickMan Boost:Parkour Freedom Platform.

**StickMan Boost : Parkour Freedom Platform is a challenging platform adventure game.
StickMan Boost : Parkour Freedom Platform is ready for more danger!
Dangerous spikes and dangerous falls!
Dangerous saw and bom!
Lucky for your stickman , there are checkpoints.
Now get out there and platform!
StickMan Boost : Parkour Freedom Platform brings back your favorite stickhead for another platforming adventure.
Jumping? Fine. Climbing walls?
No problem. But Flying, Diring motor ?? He's not a fish stick!
fast paced action platform game where you have to "simply" reach the end of the level symbolized by a checkered board.
Try to beat each level as quickly as possible to win the gold medal and do not forget to collect all the gold coins along the levels!
Good luck and have fun!

** Easy to play:
- touch button to run and jump, climb,roll.
- collect all the gold coins.

** Game features:
- Platform game levels and level map
- Cool moves and booster blocks
- Smooth and clean graphics
- Lots of challenging levels
- 50 levels to pass
- Stickman parkour gameplay.

Download StickMan Boost : Parkour Freedom Platform now, then rate 5 star and review to make game better !

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Current Version
Requires Android
Apr 21, 2018
Android 2.3 or higher

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