Stopwatch & Countdown Timer
Fortune Apps Dev - Sep 19, 2017


Do you need a professional stopwatch for sport activities like: sprints, jogging, or daily life uses of timer such as: egg timer, tea timer, cooking, alarm clock, etc. , this tool is a must have in your pocket.

Best Stopwatch is great for timing sport events and contests as well as just timing your activities or measure an event duration.

Great way to measure and visualize time. Beautifully designed timer and powerful stopwatch to enjoy counting time, feel time or visualize time to kids.

## It has some incredible STOPWATCH Features :
• Beautiful and easy to use digital interface.
• Start or stop the stopwatch by pressing the START / STOP button.
• LAP mode records and shows the time between your Lap presses.
• BEST lap shows you the lowest lap time from the current lap list.
• TOTAL column records the total time on the stopwatch since started.
• Press the RESET button to clear the current lap list.
• Runs continuously when the app is in background.
• What’s more? Great Tablet optimization ofcourse!

## It has some amazing COUNTDOWN TIMER Features :
• Beautiful and easy to use digital interface.
• Set the countdown timer fast and easy by clicking on the NEW button.
• Click on the START / STOP button to start or stop the current countdown timer.
• Select any countdown timer from the timer list to set the CURRENT countdown timer.
• Press the RESET button to clear the current countdown timer.
• Remove or delete any countdown timer entry from the timer list easily by clicking on the delete button.
• Notifies you with a sound and a vibrate effect on finishing the current countdown timer.
• What’s more? Great Tablet optimization ofcourse!

And best of all : It’s FREE! Try our "Stopwatch & Countdown Timer" app today but please don't forget to leave us your valuable feedback.

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Current Version
Requires Android
Sep 19, 2017
Android 2.3.3 or higher

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