Street Food
Crazy Cats - Nov 12, 2015


Street food is so tasty! You know you want to visit every truck to give everything a try, but you always get full before you can! Here, being full is not a worry! Make all the food you can handle!
Ready to get cooking? Street food comes in so many yummy variations. Sweet, savory and a little bit of both! It can be hard to have a favorite! You can choose from traditional favorites like funnel cakes and corn dogs or go for something a little more unique! Add in burritos, French fries and fry bread for a fun cooking experience. The sky is the limit to what you decide to make. How many different types of street food can you cook up? Find out today!
How to Play:
• Pick a fun food stand dedicated to a type of street food
• Gather up your ingredients
• Cook up some tasty treats
o Corn dogs
o French fries
o Burritos
o Funnel cakes
o Fry Bread
o And more!
• Voila! You can master cooking street food!
Think you can challenge the best street food chefs? The time is now to find out! You can whip up some yummy foods that will make you hungry for more. Download and play today!
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Nov 12, 2015
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