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This Android app is a complete free handbook of strength of materials with diagrams and graphs. It is part of Mechanical engineering education which brings important topics, notes, news & blog on the subject. The App serves as a quick reference guide on mechanical engineering subject.

It covers 157 topics of strength of materials in detail. These 157 topics are divided into 5 units and you can find all the basics of strength of materials in the app. You can make important notes of strength of materials nptel for exam preparation.

This App is extremely helpful as quick learning guide on your mobile at the time of exams, jobs interviews, test prep & training. You can track your learning, set reminders, edit the study material, add favorite topics, share the topics on social media.

The App covers the topic in a flashcard-like format, the purpose of the App is faster learning and revisions of the subject. You can consider this App as notes which professors guide in a classroom.

You can very easily pass and succeed in your exams if you have this App on your mobile phone, and give an overview just a few days.

Some of the topics Covered in this application are:
1. Tensile Stress
2. Compressive Stress
3. Shear Stress
4. Volumetric Stress
5. Volumetric Strain
6. Shear Strain
7. Compressive Strain
8. Tensile Strain
9. Stress strain Diagram
10. Thermal Stress
11. Poisson Ratio
12. Three Modulus
13. Temperature Stress in Composite Bar
14. Strain Energy
15. Modulus of Ressilince and Toughness
16. Strain Energy in Gradual and Sudden Load
17. Strain Energy in Impact Load
18. Hook's law
19. Stress, strain and change in length
20. Change in length when one both ends are free
21. Change in length when one both ends are fixed
22. Composite bar in tension or compression
23. Principal Stress and Principal Plane
24. Maximum Shear Stress
25. Theories of Elastic Failure
26. Maximum Principal Stress Theory
27. Maximum Shear Stress Theory
28. Maximum Principal Strain Theory
29. Total Strain Energy per Unit Volume Theory
30. Maximum Shear Strain Energy per Unit Volume Theory
31. Mohr’s Rupture Theory for Brittle Materials
32. Mohr’s Circle
33. Introduction to Bending Moment and Shearing Force
34. Shearing Force, and Bending Moment in a Straight Beam
35. Sign Conventions for Bending Moments and Shearing Forces
36. Bending Of Beams
37. Procedure for Drawing Shear Force and Bending Moment Diagram
38. SFD & BMD of Cantilever Carrying Load at Its One End
39. SFD and BMD of Simply Supported Beam Subjected To a Central Load
40. SFD and BMD of A Cantilever Beam Subjected To U.D.L
41. Simply Supported Beam Subjected To U.D.L
42. Simply Supported Beam Carrying UDL & End Couples
43. Points of Inflection
44. Theory of Bending: Assumption and General Theory
45. Elastic Flexure Formula
46. Beams of Composite Cross Section
47. Flexural Buckling Of a Pin-Ended Strut
48. Rankine-Gordon Formula
49. Comparison of the Rankine-Gordon and Euler Formulae
50. Effective Lengths of Struts
51. Struts and Columns with One End Fixed and the Other Free
52. Thin Cylinder
53. Members Subjected to Axisymmetric Load
54. ANALYSIS: Pressurized thin walled cylinder
55. Longitudinal Stress: Pressurized thin walled cylinder
56. Change in Dimensions: Pressurized thin walled cylinder
57. Volumetric Strain or Change in the Internal Volume
58. Cylindrical Vessel with Hemispherical Ends
59. Thin rotating ring or cylinder
60. Stresses in thick cylinders
61. Stresses in thick cylinders
62. Representation of radial and circumferential strain
63. A thick cylinder with both external and internal pressure
64. The stress distribution within the cylinder wall
65. Methods of increasing the elastic strength of a thick cylinder by pre-stressing

SOM also called also called mechanics of materials is part of materials science & mechanical engineering education courses and technology degree programs of various universities.

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