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Awesome Game - Aug 18, 2014
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Strip Blackjack with awesome!
Here is another completely redone game - lately we have started revisiting our old games and updating them with lots of more content along with bugfixes.
This game is played with one deck that is completely randomly shuffled and then dealt THE WAY YOU CHOOSE (add, stand). If you do not believe it - after shuffle, start writing down the cards that you and dealer get.
Game by default installs on SD card - so you don't need to worry about whether you can keep the game and unlocked images on your phone. However, if you have problems with starting the game or progress saving - make sure SD card is available, or move game back to main Phone memory!

The rules of the game:
1. The person who has a higher count wins when the count is not exceeding 21.
2. The person wins a game when his count not exceeding 21 after he has drew 5 cards.
3. The person loses when his count is not exceeding 21.
4. You can browse for the beauties' photos if you win five more games then the opponent.

Content rating: High Maturity

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Additional information

Current Version
Requires Android
Aug 18, 2014
Android 2.1 or higher

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