Strip Rock-Scissors-Paper
POLY E&M Inc. - Mar 8, 2013


Stripping Off Your Sexy Girl Opens.
"Sweetie! You wanna play a game with me, huh?"
The Most Riveting Game Ever for Every Man Alive Drooling Over for a Titillating win!
The Most Exhilarating Game of rock, scissors, paper in the history of mankind!!!
Check it out at this very moment~^^♥

★Special Features of the Game★
1. 100% real image! With real sexy babes taking off clothes for a bet!
2. Free Service! Conquer your doll face girls with daily free points!
3. Video Provided! Master every inch of your hot Vixen’s seducing body postures with the gallery images and premium services won!

We are proud to offer a game loved by all adults while striving to become a top-notch game in the world!

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※ More sweltering sexy models are kept under wraps to show off at the very hint of your adulating raves and unstinting support.

Content rating: High Maturity

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Current Version
Requires Android
Mar 8, 2013
Android 2.2 or higher

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