Style Starlet
Com2uS USA - Jan 1, 2015


Are you interested in celebrities’ lives and their awesome clothes?
Imagine a Dream Girl walking down the red carpet in your fashion!
Now you can be a celebrity and experience their luxurious lifestyle!
Pick your outfits and become a world-class fashionista! Lead the latest fashion trends!
This game is free to play, but you can choose to pay real money for extra items.
★★★ Game in English, 한글, 日本語, 中國語★★★
■□■□■ Game Description ■□■□■
Start as an emerging actress and become a Style Starlet, a Dream Girl anyone will Dream of!

▷ Be a Celebrity! You are the next Rising Star!!
Act in plays, commercials, TV shows, talk shows, films... and soon you'll be a famous celebrity, a girl in your dream!
From indie flicks to global blockbusters!

▶ Shopping Sprees for a Fashionista!!
Stylish clothing is a must for a Dream Girl.
Pick out your favorite clothes and accessories! Create your own style and become a fashionista!

▷ Collections!
You can get gifts if you collect outfits and accessories.
Discover all of the outfits that you can't find in stores!

▶ Create Your Own Style and Compete!
A celebrity star always has her own taste in fashion.
Create your own style and participate in Star Auditions to compete! Get a special gift when you win!

▷ Go Clubbing!
Get dressed up and go clubbing! Gentlemen are waiting...Be their Dream Girl as well.
Date different NPCs! Be a good girlfriend and they'll give you gifts!

▶ Improve Yourself!
Plan and invest time on your own to be cuter! You’ll get bonus points from your boyfriend! (or find a more handsome guy!!)
Become the Dream Girl of everyone around the world!

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Current Version
Requires Android
Jan 1, 2015
Android 2.2 or higher

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