Sugar Glider Academy The Game
K-Threesixsixty - Mar 20, 2017


Sugar Glider Academy the Game is proudly present by Sugar Glider Academy. Number 1 Sugar Glider Accessories Brand in Indonesia. Now is ready to accompany your daily life.

In this game, your job is to ensure the safety of Lily (A Classic Grey Sugar Glider that just escaped from her adopter because he forgot to shut the cage) from the grip of fearsome predators, eagle and snake. Kill them with your almighty touch.

Slides up for jumping, and touch again so that Lily can glide, a special SG movement that useful to slow down and furthered your air time. There's also cool Time Stop power Ups!

Collect as many coins and get another sugar gliders morph that can be called to change Lily.
Sugar Glider Academy also have some knowledge about SG that you can find in the Information Section (it's in Indonesia Language)

-Augmented Reality!!! Get these keychain from bonuses purchase of our products.
-Leaderboard And Achievement
-Can Replace with sg morph by collecting coins, consider this a prayer so that you can have a "real" one XD
-Time Stopper. You can stop time to easily catch that sneaky predators from hurting Lily. There also 80% chance for this power up to autostart when Lily is being attacked. This power up have increased cooldown.
-Tips And information on how to care for a sugar glider is well presented by Sugar Glider Academy

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Current Version
Requires Android
Mar 20, 2017
Android 4.0 or higher