Super Green Ring: City Hero Crime Battle
YYGame Inc. - Feb 13, 2018


Get ready for action and play "Super Green Ring: City Hero Crime Battle" where the green hero saves the grand city from evil powers. in the crime rate in the dark streets of your city by Super Green Hero forces people are crying for help and looking for their giant hero to save the there is a lot of criminality in grand city, people wants a true city hero as a protector. This is the new action simulation pack with exciting gameplay. Ring hero fights crime against the rule. Your green ring hero solves the people problems in the vice city. With ring powers, you have to do impossible tasks.A super natural, crime operation game filled with thrill and adventure.It's time to stop the injustice!

story based missions:

The dark evil forces are spreading through the city, everyone is panic stricken. You are fighting for of those innocent people so use your acute action, become diligent to look out for any flubber made by the super villain team to win the fight between good vs evil.This will be one mega gangster strike action.The Super Green Hero City want their superhero team to spy on the dark forces and expose the city crime plan to break the awakened threat to the city.Green Ring Hero with amazing super powers and great skills everyone looks up to you. Arrest the lawbreakers which are involved in street crime. Green ring hero crime battle is full thrilling missions and ready to bash in the gaming world.

"Super Green Ring: City Hero Crime Battle" features:

Green ring hero use the special super powers fighting,Play as real superhero
Explore the grand city to help and protect citizen from super villains
From the ring laser power you can kill the all mafia thugs
2D graphics with smooth controls

Do you want to see wrestling of futuristic heroes’ ring fight? Do you love survival games and super hero man futuristic hero war games? So, get ready to fight face to face as a super fighter because this is a marvelous place for your super power fighting skills. Join"Super Green Ring: City Hero Crime Battle" and become a Superhero! Green Ring Hero Crime Battle is new superhero game enjoy the missions when you are solved. Thug’s mafia involves the street crime and other unpleasant activities in big city. Green ring hero crime battle provides platform where people know the power of green hero. Green hero fight with dangerous super villains to protect the public which are living in the vice city.

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Current Version
Requires Android
Feb 13, 2018
Android 2.3 or higher

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