Super Monster Hero City Games
Rebel Game - Nov 11, 2017


Are you ready to play the incredible monster hero game where the avenger heroes are against each other and fighting in the battle city? An exciting game where you’ll find all the superhero fighting against Mr. incredible. The monster hero is the gigantic destructor in the city who has been abandoned by all the avenger game hero.

The Incredible hero has decided to defeat all the superhero of avenger in the stealth killing and breathtaking battle. The futuristic battle has just begun starting with the spider hero in the battle for the first level of criminal games. The fierce monster hero is gigantic and has a terrifying superpower not just to defeat the avenger hero but to destroy the city.

The fighting game between spider boy and incredible superhero is an ardent monster shooting game to indulge your breathtaking fighting skill. All you have to do is to roam around the city and look for the superhero like in the spider world you’ll be fighting with the spider boy and the iron hero with the steel powers and defeat them with your gigantic super body.

Perform the heroic tasks of the spider vs incredible Monster fighting game in the exciting action game of the avenger hero. Be the strongest monster hero and destroy the super hero who has turned against you and joined the army of the gangster and villain of the city. They are roaming in the city and destroying the city and using their special powers in stealth killing.

Super Monster Hero City Games Feature:

• Select your favorite characters according to the powers.
• Try the exciting powers of Jump, Speed, Jump Stunt
• A super power of Monster truck transformation
• Astounding Environments in the fighting game
• A variety of incredible monster fight with the ultimate superhero of avenger.
• Get a chance to earn $100 every time you win the game and buy exciting new
incredible superhero
• Different and thrilling game play modes full of action and fun.
• Strong Health bar to keep the Mr incredible fierce and on feet.
• Amazing camera view to keep a check on the surroundings of the superhero.
• A navigation pane on the screen to locate the villain superhero spider and steel hero.
• Play the thrilling levels in the incredible hero fighting game
• Check the speed o meter on the screen when you transform into monster truck
• You will also find the health bar of the villain super spider boy and other Avenger.
• Locate your targets on the navigation pane and defeat the enemy in the criminal
• See controls for the Monster truck fight and movement

How to play Super Monster Hero City Games

• Select a super monster character of choice.
• Check the powers of the incredible monster you have selected.
• Select the player mode: Select Free mode for practice and career mode for the
fighting battle.
• Start the game by looking for the villain super spider boy and iron boy
• Go to the villain and start the fighting battle
• Defeat the super villain by finishing their heath bar
• You can also transform into the monster truck to find the enemy in the criminal game.
• Check the target bar to check the number of villains you have to defeat in the battle
• Use the accelerator and break to drive monster truck and roam around in the city to
find the super villain.
• Fight all the super villain and win the battle games!

The legend heroes are fighting against each other and forget their real mission in the universe to save the earth and the citizens. They are fighting the battle city and the big monster hero is taking his revenge from the super spider boy for abandoning him and leading the villain gangs.

Are you ready to take over the incredible power and save the city from avenger superhero? Then Hurry up and download the super awesome avenger hero fighting game!

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Current Version
Requires Android
Nov 11, 2017
Android 2.3 or higher

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