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Fullatek - Aug 18, 2014


* Super Movies Free* is a new application that lets you watch full movies and TV shows online and free hosted on Youtube that anonymous users have uploaded and are public access.
Also offers a unique search technology that lets you find the movie you want to see quickly and easily.

For us, quality is important, all the movies are intended to be HD, complete and free, but as the server hosting is Youtube, and we have no control over the films, sometimes they are in lower quality.

1. All films are new (2013 ~ 1990), entertaining, free and high quality.
2. Extremely simple interface: Pass to find a free movie and press to view.
3. Content Engine Fast Charging: seamless viewing experience.
4. Movies / Series are in 25 languages, the only ​​Google Play single application that has too many languages.
5. Internal Movie Browser.

Note that the loading speed of the movies / series depends solely on your Internet connection speed, our app is not responsible for the loading speed of videos, if you experience slowness or other problems, this is directly related where is hosted the content and the speed of your Internet connection.

Super Movies Free Application modifies its catalog without upgrading the application is fully optimized to use 4G connections, 3G and Wifi.
Contains a wide range divided by genres like Action Movies, Adventure, Warlike, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Mystery, Musical, Romance, Horror, Thriller, etc.

Help us build a better application

You are the reason that this application exists, is an application of some users for users, we are not a company, I am a person willing to share so much to improve our application need your comments and / or suggestions, you can leave a comment or email me at my email, is that the application can still improve a lot, so I need your help!

Please note that we do not store, climbed or sell copyrighted material. If you see something that violates the law, please report it.
The information about the videos is obtained in real time and to exit the application is completely removed from your terminal.

IMPORTANT: It is recommended to inform YouTube user if a film is unauthorized and confirmed we will remove the link.

Content rating: Everyone

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Current Version
Requires Android
Aug 18, 2014
Android 2.2 or higher

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Aug 18, 2014


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