Super Rescue Heroes: Airplane Hijack Flight Action
Great Games Studio - Sep 17, 2017


Love airplane games? Welcome to all new airplane simulator 2017 combined with criminals shooting games and airplane hijack games. Pilot of this high profile flight just made a warning call to the control tower, terrorists are onboard and are making passengers their hostages. Situation is getting out of control as seconds tick by, terrorists are abducting naïve travelers and they will not hesitate if they have to shoot any person who hinders their airplane hijack mission! But they don’t know that a rescue superhero gang is on their flight and is ready for action. Take control of your rescue superhero and surprise hijackers with your unexpected entry. You as a flight rescue hero will be acting as an undercover cop to finish all terrorists in this finest of airplane hijack games. Gangsters are equipped with modern era automatic rifles, never the less we have provided you with latest pistol for close encounter as well! You as an airplane rescue hero are supposed to be a lifeguard for the passengers, airplane pilot and crew members in your rescue action mission. Stay alert as you do not want this incredible monster enemies to march towards the cockpit and assault pilots as it can put lives of people in jeopardy. Shoot these inhuman criminals in this finest of shooting airplane games, if at any time you run out of ammo then use your super hero kicks and incredible punches to finish all enemies. Become a star and engage in battle with your super hero squad in this finest of aeroplane rescue superhero games.

• An absolute treat for lovers of aeroplane games with comprehensive gameplay of 4 rescue mission (each mission has 5 levels).
• Impressive and intuitive on screen controls for fans of shooting games with gun.
• Realistic sound effects to capture essence of breakout battle games.
• Amazing 3D airplane flight environment.
• Playable on multiple devices.

Folks! It’s time to use your rescue hero skills and do what is needed to survive a catastrophic situation in this paramount of rescue games. Make your super moves to get rid of the enemy in one go in this best of airplane shooting games. Download now “SUPER RESCUE HEROES: AIRPLANE HIJACK FLIGHT ACTION” and enjoy this premium of airplane shooter games.

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Current Version
Requires Android
Sep 17, 2017
Android 4.0 or higher

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