Super Saiyan Legends : Manga Heroes Dress Up Game
Buffalo App Studio - May 3, 2018


Saiyan Legends is a remarkable dress up game where you will enjoy designing a variety of characters, creating cards using the characters you have devised, and finally competing in the Battle Card Game.

Saiyan Legends is an extraordinary Super Hero dress up game which allows you to mix and match outfits as you please. As a result, you will get millions of different Super Hero outfits.

Energy Tap Session
Energy Tap Session is the time when you can get 3 free Energy by following an easy rule. That is, you will have to tap really fast to cause the Super Saiyan Legends transformation. Energy Tap Session is available one hour after the earlier Energy Tap Session is played.

Dress Up Mode
In the Super Hero Dress Up Mode, you will be surprised by a plethora of characters, facial features, hair styles and spectacular Super Saiyan armors. Coins are used to buy these items. Here are the details of items in the Dress Up Mode.

- Hair: This is the most amazing item in this game. There are more than 50 Super Saiyan hair styles to choose from. As a result, your character will be exceptional with unique hair style. Different Super Saiyan hair styles represents different types of Super Saiyan warriors. For example, a Super Saiyan GOD Ultra Instinct comes with red flame hair while a Super Saiyan Blue comes with blue hair.

- Eyes: A wide variety of Super Saiyan eyes, together with eyebrows, are available to make your super hero character super cool. As you may know, Super Saiyan warriors have different hair colors which result in different eye colors. The eyebrow colors usually go along with the hair colors. For example, Super Saiyan 3 warriors have classic length blonde hair but they do not have eyebrows.

- Mouth: The best portrayal of the manga character’s emotions is accomplished by the mouth. It can express all the feelings a super hero character has whether he is mad, sad, angry or happy. You can choose the mouth to convey how your Super Hero character feels.

- Compression Shirts, Tights, Saiyan Battle Armors: There are more than 100 compression shirts and tights, and more than 50 Saiyan battle armors for you to choose from. You can also select and combine compression shirts, tights, and armors to form a uniquely tailor-made outfit. In addition, every piece of clothes can go with each other perfectly.

- Shoes: Warriors will not go to war barefoot. They need a pair of suitable shoes. Super Saiyan warriors, too, need a pair of shoes which perfectly match their outfit.

- Gloves: Some super heroes are best at fighting bare-handed. But Super Saiyan Legends warriors need gloves to make their energy-shooting pose more striking and beautiful. Besides, if that character is a Super Saiyan ultra instinct warrior in a full armor, it is really necessary to wear gloves.

- Aura: The Super Saiyan transformation always and necessarily comes with aura. The colors of aura depend on the types of transformation. The Ultra Instinct Super Saiyan transformation creates white and blue aura with blue flame surrounding the body. The Super Saiyan Rose transformation creates pink and dark pink aura which expresses the formidable power of the villains. In addition, all aura styles are moving with a wonderful manga animation effect.

- Accessories: Super Saiyan ultra instinct characters will look perfect with necessary accessories which are weapons, shields, energy balls or thunder sparks. All of these items can add dimension to super heroes. The accessories also include ears and noses.

Battle Card Game
Once you have finished creating your super heroes character, we would like to recommend our Battle Card game where you will create cards to fight based on the rules of Rock Paper Scissors.

Saiyan Legends has a ranking system. The more battle cards you have, the higher place you are. The more battles you have won, the higher place you are, as well.

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