Super Soldier Squad: Classic Game Evolution
Super Classic 8-bit Games Remake Studios - Sep 22, 2018


A Super shooting game which is very hot in classic-8-bit of 80's & 90's, now play for free on Android with new name is Super Soldier Squad. So, Do you remember old name of this game? I'll suggest for you, start with Super C... Can you guess?


=> This game with name is start with Super C... which is very famous game. It had many versions. The old classic one had nine stages. There are three lives that you can utilize to complete all the stages. We also used a cheat code from which that increased the count of life from three to thirty.

=> Super Soldier Squad: Classic Game Evolution is a best shooting game on 80's, a Super old game for you!!! It bring many many feeling from childhood when you are played on the NES's hardware, and takes you back to the good old days.

=> The soldier's default weapon is a rifle with unlimited ammunition that can be upgraded into one of four other guns. These can be obtained by destroying the pill box sensors and flying item capsules containing them, or by defeating the red-clad guards in the enemy bases. They consist of a machine gun that fires rapidly when the fire button is held down, a laser gun that shoots a powerful beam, a fireball gun that shoots its rounds in a corkscrew pattern, and a spread gun that shoots five individual bullets in individual directions. There are also three auxiliary power-ups that only appear in certain areas when the player is armed with his default gun: a rapid bullets upgrade that increases the firing speed of the player's shots, a barrier that makes him invulnerable for a limited period, and a bomb that wipes out all onscreen enemies. With the exception of the machine gun and the laser gun, each item comes in the form of a Falcon-shaped symbol marked with a letter representing its function

=> A super soldier employs a variety of playing perspectives, which include a standard side view, a pseudo-3D view (in which the player proceeds by shooting and moving towards the background, in addition to left or right) and a fixed screen format (in which the player has their gun aimed upwards by default). The controls consists of an eight-way joystick or directional pad and two action buttons for shooting (left) and jumping (right). When one of the protagonists jumps, he curls into a somersault instead of doing a conventional jump like in other games.

Blow up all enemies in Super Soldier Squad! Kill them all in this amazing shooter game. Please hold your arms up and face dangerous challenges ahead.

****** FEATURE of Super Soldier Squad: Classic Game Evolution ******

★ Very amazing gameplay
★ Smooth Control
★ Beautiful Graphics (HD graphics)
★ Very very interesting sounds from your childhood.

****** HOW TO PLAY Super Soldier Squad: Classic Game Evolution ******

★ Use the joypad to move
★ Tap Jump button to jump avoid obstacles
★ Tap fire button to shoot

Download Super Soldier Squad: Classic Game Evolution now and let the shooting begin!

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Current Version
Requires Android
Sep 22, 2018
Android 4.1.2 or higher

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