Super Spider Hero Flying Bike City Battle
3Dee Space - Jun 23, 2017


Get ready for Super Spider Hero Flying Bike City Battle Adventure, where futuristic city is need of spider hero or flying spider to rescue them from mutant spider and their leader spider venom using flying bike. The survival city needs super spider rescue, since the situation is beyond control of police and US Army. To end extreme crime rate in the grand city the spider hero or flying spider has to plan efficacious strategy for city rescue mission, while expertly utilizing its super spider skills on flying bike or robot bike for eliminating treacherous mutant spider and their leader spider venom. So what are you waiting for! Start your incredible (Game name) journey in futuristic city using robot bike and prepare for the ultimate city rescue.

In the Super Spider Hero Flying Bike City Battle, you will be chosen as spider hero or flying spider, who can move quickly to different locations of the futuristic city like an amazing spider, utilizing highly advanced flying motorbike or robot bike for spider rescue & protecting US military. As a super spider, you will have to carefully plan strategy to protect the people of the futuristic city to clear the US military super spider rescue mission and free the grand city from mutant spider with their leader spider venom. For big city rescue survival, you will have to show your extreme flying action stunts for city rescue. As a super spider or flying hero, you will have quickly move to different locations of grand city with your flying bike or flying motorbike to quickly find the mutant spider and in the end eradicating their leader spider venom using cutting-edge flying hero capabilities.

Get dressed in your spider hero or flying spider costume to combat different survival situations in super spider rescue missions, while flying high in the sky of futuristic city using highly advanced flying bike or flying motorbike equipped with futuristic laser machine gun and ultimate machine fire shots. Be the only super spider or flying hero of the grand city and eradicate all mutant spider and their leader spider venom for ultimate city rescue. So get ready to play the best Super Spider Hero Flying Bike City Battle game.


- Realistic & Colorful city environment.
- Addictive Game Play with super spider rescue missions.
- Highly advanced controls and Animations
- Optimized missions for Epic flying spider hero rescue.
- Highly advanced HD Graphics for amazing flying simulator game.

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Current Version
Requires Android
Jun 23, 2017
Android 2.3 or higher

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