Superhero Car Transporter: Monster Truck
Raydiex - 3D Games Master - Aug 13, 2017


Are you freak of superhero car games? Let’s experience the superhero car transportation in the car monster truck games. Experience the multi classic driving on vast city roads that begins with controlling and transporting superheroes mutable cars. It’s time to show off your driving skills to perform perilous stunts in this superhero monster game, specially designed for the fans of 6x6 truck games and car transporter games. Perform an adventurous driving task to transport cars through traffic rush. Drive fast as you can on the city roads with a dangerous rush of traffic and drop the superheroes’ car safely in the monster truck. You can become the pro truck driver of heavy monster truck and cars. Challenge yourself to become an expert driver of this heavy duty 6x6 trailer truck. Take a chance to face the superb mutation of cars into superheroes never seen before in any big truck driving games and truck parking games. This offroad car driving simulator is for you as you can become an extreme superhero car driver and enjoy the thrill of classic car driving games. Have a super hero car ride on big city roads and feel the real incredible monster superhero transform before loading the car into trailer truck. Download SUPERHERO CAR TRANSPORTER: MONSTER TRUCK, the masterpiece of car parking games.

Take a part in this transport truck simulator that gives you the epic chance to get hands on experience of car truck transport in a very short time. The game play of this off road car driving simulator is very electrifying. Drive the cars or superhero cars towards the 4x4 monster truck. Load the transporter truck with cars that is elite in all car transport games. Drive the monster truck transport towards the truck parking. Play and enjoy the superhero car transform and unload the cars from the monster truck. Take sharp and loop turns on the slippery roads and curvy roads to reach at your destination. Drive and park car transporter trailer truck at a given time because, getting late to transport cars will result in level failure. Avoid hitting traffic on footpath and roads while driving. Play the role of monster truck driver who has responsibility to transport furious cars to the destination. If you’re the expert driver of hill road, then get ready to take charge in this classic car parking simulator towards the parking lot. You’ll also get reward points at the completion of every level.

Superhero Car Transporter: Monster Truck Features:
- 10 thrilling levels with daring operations
- Outstanding car conversion into superhero unseen in other car monster games
- Exhilarating car driving, parking and truck transportation duty
- Smooth on-screen controls with gear and steering wheel
- Marvelous 3D & HD graphics with big city environment
- Best quality sound effects like the sports car driving games
- Adventure of driving on hill climb paths for car drifting games

Folks, it’s and thrilling combination of superheroes games and transporter car games. You’ve the opportunity to operate cars in the best of 6x6 off road games with outstanding experience of superhero car conversion. Fasten your seat belts and start driving the vehicles transporter trailer on the city roads towards the safe parking. Through this heavy speed drive you can mark your name in the best transporter driver of this era. Show off your parking skills to rule the car parking games. Play and become the super driver by playing this trailer transporter game and relish your mood with the car mutation. Download SUPERHERO CAR TRANSPORTER: MONSTER TRUCK, to enjoy the extreme driving venture.

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Current Version
Requires Android
Aug 13, 2017
Android 4.0 or higher

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