Superhero for Kids
Hippo Kids Games - Jul 14, 2017


All the boys without exception like superheroes and comics. Every boy in his dreams saved his home city from evil forces more than once, as the real heroes do. But each child has their own idol, their favourite character. But how one game can please everyone? Superheroes and comics are so different. But it's not a problem for us! Our game for boys will satisfy the needs of every child. This time, our kid’s stories brought the most popular heroes together. Today your child, as well as all superheroes, will defend their city, playing any character they like.

So, we are pleased to present you another great free update of the kid’s fairy tales series. All the heroes and comics today will gather together in one place. An exciting and dynamic game for the boys is waiting for us! So what happened? Why do we urgently need real heroes?

Suddenly Hippo City faced all the disasters at once! City is attacked by the big spiders and the water monsters, and sometimes there is a meteor rain. But it’s not a problem. Real heroes look after their city and will not allow the trouble to happen. All popular superheroes gathered in a Hippo’s secret residence. We will be following the news and, receiving an alarm, immediately rush to rescue. But first we need to open comics and select one of the favourite characters. Who will protect the inhabitants of the Hippo city today? Batman or Hippo-Hulk? Or maybe it will be Hippo-Spiderman or Hippo-Ironman? Choose and go towards adventures!

Try our new wonderful product free of charge. Give your child lots of positive emotions! Stay tuned and stay with us. Our free educational games will always make you and your children happy.

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Current Version
Requires Android
Jul 14, 2017
Android 4.0 or higher

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