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42Gears Mobility Systems - Jul 17, 2017
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Note 1: For enterprise use only
Note 2: Free version has some limitations. Purchase a license to activate it to full version. In case of any problems please contact

Play one or more videos continuously in a loop on Android tablets.
Viewers can watch the videos in fullscreen mode but cannot do anything else on the device. Tablet will work only as a video playing display device. Can be used in trade shows, exhibitions and other community events.
NEW FEATURE - Now you can run SureVideo in SCREEN SAVER MODE. Video launches automatically when device is idle for a specified time period. Screensaver is dismissed when user touches the screen.

- SureVideo can start playing videos right after the device boots up
- Password protected: Only an administrator can exit the video player if 'Disable Bottom Bar' option is enabled
- Displays video in Full Screen mode
- Hide buttons on bottom bar
- Automatically plays videos from the sdcard
- All common video formats supported (Device dependent)
- Advanced lock down into kiosk mode by using SureLock

- Install SureVideo on the tablet
- Drop the video files into /SureVideo folder on the sdcard.
- Tap on Start Playing button or Restart SureVideo. SureVideo will automatically create a playlist of videos in the /surevideo folder and will start playing them alphabetically in fullscreen mode.

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Additional information

Current Version
Requires Android
Jul 17, 2017
Android 3.0 or higher

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