Survival Battleground
Best shooting games 2018 - Apr 16, 2018


Survival battleground is a new action pack free for all playing game which plays with your nerves and gives you a tough time for your survivor. In this ultimate shooter game you are going to experience realistic 3D sound effects with battlegrounds where survivor options are narrow and you have to wreak havoc and undergo epic survival. Survival battleground is the sniper shooting game where you have to free fire at the trenches of the enemies. You are given a responsibility in this furious battle to end the global terrorism and call for infinite war. In this battleground, combat soldiers with stealth and techniques. Free fire the grenades and ready your squad for sniper kills and lots and lots of hero games action.
Survival battleground is what a grand gunner want. The myths of unknown battleground with vast maps which are equipped with ammo, sniper rifle guns and special lens. This would provide with unique gameplay along with high quality graphics to destroy enemy. Some locations would drop you in Remote Island with bullet force and all you have to do is defeat enemy soldier with road to survival lies in action fps game. This parachute games with fast war equipment will give you medals with honor. The players’ call of infinite war are limited with few squad member. The crime and terror which required counter enemy will rip your soul and get the 3d sound out to blitz attack and start a city battle.
Survival battleground will not only allow you to freefireen sniper but also ambush enemy. The safe zones are limited providing you with action packed modern gaming. The trenches in the battleground with first person shooter in furious battles is the road to survival. The survival arena in tis endless action-packed game like army hero America which is a front line war against terrorist attack. So counter enemy with the call of modern wr in this city battle crime and terror to end global terrorism.
Survival battleground is the ultimate survival shooter game which would require you to be ready, aim and fire with will at the targets. In this epic survival survive as long as you can. With limited resources and by combat soldiers and protecting your squad. So locater the hidden camp being grand gunner and accurate sniper shooter. Be a war hero to fulfill deadly missions on time. The farnite battle demands you to free shoot countering rival fire and be successful in the hero games with awesome sniper skills. This can help you to fulfill your army duty and be a free super player. Therefore don’t forget to play Survival battleground to have the best challenging sniper shooting game

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Current Version
Requires Android
Apr 16, 2018
Android 4.1.2 or higher

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