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SweetShot team - Aug 18, 2014


"Honey, can you send to me the photos you took today?"
"And I mean now."
"And buy me an Island."
Tired of lies? We hear you! No more lies of telling me that you will share the photos to me yet nothing happened! SweetShot helps you do all the photos sharing and managing, giving you a argument-free relationship! if you only argue about photo sharing and managing.....
Give it a try and you'll find out the magic of love combine with Sweetshot. If you like it, please give us 5 star rating with good comments, really appreciate that.
If you have any questions, please don't think about giving us bad reviews, just email to love@sweetshot.us , and there will be a real person replying your email within 24 hours! and yes, that person is the co-funder myself. :P
** If your loved one uses iPhone, we got your back! iOS download here: http://bit.ly/113Us4C **
===== Overall =====
SweetShot is a mobile app convenient for couples to share photos by doing absolutely nothing! When one takes or uploads a photo through Sweetshot, it will automatically store to the mobile device of the other half with auto-generated albums, so you and your partner can have all the photos you take together at once.

SweetShot is especially useful for couples suffering from the troublesome of sharing photos just for two. No more unshared photos stored in your phone due to forgetting or complicate sharing settings. No more messenger app sharing one photo at a time or spread all over the chat screen. No more dropbox settings that create folders and share folders each time you go on a date. All you have to do, is say cheese, and take pictures.
===== We support Cross-Country Relationship! =====
Support eight languages: English, Chinese, Spanish, Thai, Japanese, French, Bahasa Melayu, and Vietnamese.
===== Features =====
* Photo Auto-Sync: Once a photo is taken or upload through the app, it will automatically sync to the other device, cutting down much efforts and time ever spent before for photo sharing.
*Co-Manage Photo Albums: You and your lover can manage the same photo galleries together, realizing the dream of “two becoming one.”
*Privacy Control: Our app uses “bank-level security” to ensure all the shared photos are 100% private and can only be seen by you and your partner.
* Beautiful App and Easy to Use: We present you a young, fresh, energetic layout design with user-friendly interface.
* And more is coming, stay tuned!
===== Special Features =====
Exposure Protection: SweetShot ensures security for all couples. If your photos are in danger of exposing to others(eg. lost phone or phone in maintenance), just click "My Phone is Away" button on the website, and all the photos stored locally in the app will be deleted with your account automatically logged out. You can get all your photos back at your next log in.

===== Frequent Asked question =====
(Complete FAQ: http://sweetshot.us/site/page?view=faq)
1) What if I have multiple lovers? Can I still use it?
How can you ask something like that? Shame on you! But just use different email address to register and connect with different person, and you are all set!
2) What happen if I break up with my partner?
We will all be very sorry.
After wiping away tears, you can utilize our "break-up" function to protect your photos from malicious exposure.
3) Can I use it when I don't have internet with me?
Yes! And once you can access the internet, simply run the app, all the photos you take by the app will be stored in your partner's phone.
4) How can I get more sharing space?
Every download is free with at least 500 photos to share. You can verify your email to gain 100 more sharing photos, or use Referral Code, it's all free!
===== We love feedbacks! =====
E-mail : love@sweetshot.us
Website: http://sweetshot.us/
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/SweetShotApp

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Current Version
Requires Android
Aug 18, 2014
Android 2.3 or higher

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