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Plaf Talking Games - Feb 16, 2017
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Our Talking Penguin is here and he is ready for snowy adventures with you. He came from the Antarctic continent and he likes to talk and to do other silly things too, he is a funny little guy! If you want to have fun with the top talking game, then meet your new friend, the Talking Penguin. Download free Talking Penguin game app on your smartphone and you will get the best virtual pet game that will bring joy and fun to your winter days. Our cute talking penguin adores music. He can dance so the two of you can turn up some music and get ready for some fun at the bird’s house! But that is not all, you will see that this little guy plays the violin. It is important that you help him collect coins to unlock the other rooms. Do that by watching cool videos and playing popular mini games. The two of you will become an invincible team!
Slap the penguin for fun to see his reactions. He loves to be tickled, though! Talk to the penguin and he will listen carefully, because later he will be able to repeat your words. Be the best guide to your hero, he will depend on you! The penguin has the coolest home gym ever. He likes to run or walk on the treadmill and there is a trampoline on his playground where he jumps and has a great time. Enjoy your top talking game and have fun with the talking penguin! You will be amazed to see what this beautiful animal can do! He has a playground where he spends his free time and enjoys playing different games. He will play the latest mini games to collect more coins to unlock the other rooms, with your help. Play Jumpy Penguin and jump on endless platforms, try not to fall! In Save Christmas you will destroy the enemies and protect Christmas decorations, candies and presents! But try not to hit friends, because you will lose coins. In Penguin Smash you will hit our bird with a hammer as soon as he comes out of the pit. There are many pits so you have to concentrate. Find different modes, choose the one you like the most and enjoy! The last mini game is Penguin Jump, where you should just tap the platform that you want the animal to jump on. Have fun! This lovely bird has a bedroom where he can rest and get some sleep, and tap the cute jingle bells to wake him up. His tuxedo-like appearance is what makes him even more adorable, and he will quickly become your favourite pet!
How to play Talking Penguin app:
 Play mini games and watch videos to collect coins
 Talk to the penguin and he will repeat your words
 Tickle and slap the penguin for fun
 Take the penguin to the gym
 Have fun with him on the playground and make sure he gets some sleep
You will be impressed to see the penguin’s rooms since all of them look lovely. Tap the drawer in the living room to see the snowman or the balloons, and tap the flowerpot to see beautiful hearts come out. Play the talking penguin game free and enjoy spending time with the clumsy irresistible bird. Do not hesitate to download the latest talking pet application, because the little penguin adventures will make you smile! The game is perfect for boys and girls of all ages, so share it with your friends and let them know about your popular new pet.

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Current Version
Requires Android
Feb 16, 2017
Android 4.0.3 or higher

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