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Tamil Nursery Songs ,Game Kids

Tamil Nursery Songs ,Game Kids

>JAIV>> - September 12,2014

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** Tamil Nursery Rhyme Songs and Game towards learning and education of children. Contains various songs like Nila Nila Odi Vaa, Kaiveesamma Kaiveesu, Chinna Chinna Motor, Sainthadamma Sainthaadu.

** There are various games - to help children learn tamil alphabets

** Game where you identify type of letter Uyira Meiya Kandupidi

** Game where you find hidden Uir Eluthu Olidirukkum Uir Eluthu Kandupidi

** Simple vehicle game with Tamil aplhabets

** Description of various games played by Tamil Kids

** Practice writing tamil alphabets

Please make sure your device media volume is kept appropriate for proper hearing.

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  • UpdatedSeptember 12,2014
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