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iflix Sdn Bhd - Aug 3, 2016
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To know iflix is to BE iflix. And the path to true awesomeness lies in our Tao. Be simple, be brave, be real, be curious and be playful - our values ain't nuthin' to f*ck with. We recommend a thorough reading of the Tao of iflix for future hires planning to join our amazing team of visionaries, disruptive geniuses, industry rebels and creative ninjas in building what will soon be the most engaging, and widely used entertainment platform on planet Earth.
For the iflix app (the one that gives you unlimited access to watch THOUSANDS of hours of TV shows & movies), search for 'iflix' in Google Play and download. Let's play! #BOOM

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Requires Android
Aug 3, 2016
Android 4.0 or higher

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