Tarzan Hero Stunts
Interactive Games - Aug 6, 2017


Tarzan Hero Game is the best jungle stunts games. If you enjoy stunts games then this fantasy adventure game is for you. Player will find new adventures and challenges and he have to tackle all those problems.
The game play of Tarzan 2016 game is very simple. The player as Tarzan has to maintain harmony with jungle. In the dark African jungle Tarzan has to jump and jump as a super hero jump from side to side and collect the coins as many as you can.
The goal of free stunts adventure jungle game is that Tarzan boy has to perform stunts in dark jungle without hitting by different obstacles and hurdles. Tarzan must face with 4 unfamiliar worlds- mountains, underground, sky and the winter.
In each world, to reach the final combat, Tarzan will face many obstacles: snails, turtles, birds, bats, spiders, angry gorilla, hedgehogs, fire imps and other small animals. The only defensive weapon Tarzan has against these animals is a stick and peach stones collected during the adventures.

The game includes a bonus character: tree climber! To unlock a new character or buy items you must use the coins. The coins can be collected during the game play, but to earn it you must complete that level - then the coins will be saved and can be used later in the game.

In this Tarzan race stunt game is very simple and adventure game. You are on adventure and you are doing stunts in jungle you have to keep safe from dangerous things and keep running on. You have to collect different item on the way to keep you more powerful and strong. One right move will make you win. You are jumping one side to other side just single tap. You can challenge to your friend with your best high score. Once game start you have to keep clear unexpected difficulties.
This Tarzan Hero Stunt game is so easy, simple and super entertainment. Must try and get your hands on these unbelievable easy to play and run the fun games. Beautiful and valuable jungle run graphic in jungle. It is tough, but a true warrior will never stop! Grab your sword, axe or daggers and set out on an epic running adventure packed full of action and fighting. Enjoy the platform castle awesome levels that we made for you. Tarzan hero stunts is an Amazing game, this adventure jungle game is better than ever and will surely be what you are looking for.
Keep calm and win all your final combats with Tarzan Race in Game land!

• Beautiful graphics
• Amazing sound system
• Simple and easy to play with one tap
• Exciting new adventures
• Addictive game play
• Fabulous animations
• Different well designed levels

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Current Version
Requires Android
Aug 6, 2017
Android 3.0 or higher

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