Taxi Driver Modern City Rush - City Cab Simulator
Gear Games Club - Sep 13, 2017


Hey taxi driver, get behind the wheel of the most famous modern crazy taxi and transport people where they need to go for a joy ride, drive the amazing yellow taxi of New York, or take a right hand drive experience in the London’s famous cabs or hit the city rush with the tough German cars and spin your cab like a fidget hero. As the best cabby and driver of modern city rush, explore the sin city. Duty driving is not an easy task. Reach on time to pick up or the passenger will cancel the ride.

It’s time to hit the road and burn the asphalt, fasten your seat belts and get set for the modern city crazy taxi drive with extreme taxi driver skills, get onto the chase. The crime city is full of cabs, beware of mafia gangsters and Russian spy agents as they are the main culprits and criminals in this town are always in search of a free ride let them have a spin of a fidget hero driver. In this crazy taxi driver simulator, cross the modern city rush and get onto the main highways, transport and commute people and tourists, let them hire you for the whole day for sightseeing and going on top of the hill side roads for picnic and excursion. Race your taxicab through the busy city traffic, pick up passengers and drive them safely to destinations.

Take a cabby day out, drive with furious speed on the clear modern city roads, drive through the big city traffic, pick up the passengers and drop them off to destinations, be careful at the turns and cuts and don’t drift while the traffic is high. Charge your customer a good fidget hero fare at peak times. Don’t get crazy driver with speed and drift. Taxi driver modern city rush crazy drive is an amazing yellow cab simulator game with excellent mad driving skills, be the best duty driver of this taxi rush drive and transport commuters within the modern city areas, shopping malls, supermarkets and nearby banks and cheap markets. Life in the metropolitan is crazy, watch out for the people and the traffic. Watch out for the traffic police, don’t park your yellow cab at the no parking zone, don’t let traffic Sargent book you in no car parking slot or come against a trucker for some insane impossible adventure on the busy metropolis roads with all the heavy traffic. Taxi driver’s life is a tough business; to fulfil your dreams you have to drive for extra shifts to make extra cash on the weekends. Be a survivor from the road accidents.

Your passengers are waiting and you are racing against time, you have to race against some modern duty drivers on the busy city rush roads packed with heavy transport trucks and car trailers. As a taxi driver you must go to the airport taxi stand to get some decent foreign passengers, park your cab near the airport taxi parking lot area and wait for your turn, try not to get a fine ticket, pick up passengers from the city rush roads and hotels and drop them off to airport as some of them are running late due to heavy metropolis traffic, as they have to catch an early flights, show some unique cabby and taxi driver modern skills during the peak hours in this modern taxi driver racing rush game. This taxi driver modern city rush is just like a driving school training centre for those who want to learn crazy taxi driving on modern rush city roads. A real driving simulator with multiple transport tasks and a chance to show your expert cab driver driving skills.

Its upon your luck that what type of customers you get may be you have to face criminals, police cops or some secret mafia Russian agent or spy on mission. It's a crazy drive on your cab with streets crowded with people and cars.

Taxi Driver Modern City Rush Features:
• Smooth car controls.
• Realistic simulation and animation.
• Challenging Levels of Driving.
• Race the cab through a real city environment.
• Real-time Simulation & Drifting.
• Best cab racer driving skills.

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Current Version
Requires Android
Sep 13, 2017
Android 4.0 or higher

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