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Ten Pin Bowling..

Ten Pin Bowling..

ANND Consulting Games - December 22,2014

Sports Games

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Play Bowling using 2 dice. Now play the classic board game "Ten Pins" on your mobile device.
roll dice up to 3 times and hold any dice on each throw to knock down the most pins.
Score 3 consecutive strikes to get a "Turkey"!
How many consecutive strikes can you score?
Choose from 3 difficulty levels.
Choose to play "classic" or "Poker" Mode.
Build your best 5 card poker hand in Ten frames to achieve a
bonus multiplier. Can you build a Royal Flush?
Post your score online, Challenge players online, and earn achievements with Play Services
Earn XP points with every achievement.
Keywords: Dice online bowl chance

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  • UpdatedDecember 22,2014
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  • Requires AndroidAndroid 2.3 or higher