The Future Savior، War of Tank
골든피그엔터테인먼트(,) - Apr 2, 2018


Savior, prepare your tank and face your enemies to save the Future.
Be the savior that the future needs.

Ride your destroyer to victory!
In The Future Savior, War of Tank, embark in an amazing adventure, charging with your tank against enemies and blast anything in range.

Run down the artillery, sharpen your equipment, and gather your squad of talented and skillful pilots to overcome all the corrupted enemies!

Nothing will stop your progression! Go Future Savior, our destiny is in your hands!


Move your tank using the joystick.
Enjoy intuitive movement to roll around corrupted enemies. Deny the enemies attack, dodge their bullets and progress to become the Savior and fulfill your destiny!

Enjoy simplified control with automated shooting.
Focus on dodging your enemies attack and let your tank warm the artillery and erase all the corrupted enemies.

Enjoy easier controls for more fun.

Defeat the corrupt enemies with your artillery, protect your allies against enemies’ destroyers and overcome challenging final bosses to keep your progression going and save the Future in order to fulfill your destiny.

Don’t let your life point fall under 0 or you tank will explode.
You are the Savior of the future; your destiny is to save the world against all odds. If you fall the world will fall.
You have a huge impact, so don’t let them deny this world a better tomorrow!


Let your imagination running wild, with hundreds and hundreds of customization options for your tank, with over 200 pieces organize your artillery, increase your range, your speed or your attack power, made a tailor made to face all the threats!

Equipment will be a huge key to your success. Don’t miss it!

Build up your crew and use awesome their amazing skills to defeat all your enemies!
Each character has its own personality and set of abilities; use them strategically to overcome any obstacle that you will face!

Face Challenging bosses with many life points, powerful abilities, and huge damages.
You will need the best preparation, the best team and the best artillery to face them.
Strategy will be key to your success.
Future savior, show us your abilities to overcome even the strongest enemies!
Raise your score and compare with your friends. Who is the best Future savior, let the score establish who is the best suited to save the world!

Play a great diversity of missions, enjoy a variety of challenge, assault, protect show that you can adapt to any situations to fulfill your destiny and save the future!

Be part of an amazing cross media story. Will you be able to save the future? Progress through the story, meet amazing characters and foes on your way to become the Future Savior.

And more to come as this game will keep on bringing to the user amazing updates and events!

Please enjoy the game to your heart’s content!

★ Official site of the game to talk together!

There will be several events going through this Facebook page, so it would be great if you could follow us.

* Essential Access Rights *
Pictures, media, files: To store game data in a repository
Reading and recording external storage: Needed for customer center, use of images in the community, and various settings and cache storage of games.

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Additional information

Current Version
Requires Android
Apr 2, 2018
Android 4.0.3 or higher

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