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The Indian (Car..

The Indian (Car..

Jose David Pujo - October 04,2015

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★ The Indian Poker Card Game ★
A super simple card game. Like the "High card Low card" game.
Also known as indiana poker or "Indio". Just fun.
✔ Two players bluetooth
✔ HD graphics.
✔ Sounds
✔ Two image decks: poker deck, and spanish deck (spanish cards).
✔ Many settings to customize. Themes. Card backface.
✔ Awesome animations and effects.
✔ Possible to move to SD.
✔ Spanish and english located.
✔ Two IA levels
1) INTERNET: For showing ads (non intrussive ads)
2) BLUETOOTH: For two players game.
The Indian Card is a traditional child game, which I played when I was little with my younger sister.
The game of the Indian Card is played between two players, and each one gets a card (without seeing it) on his forehead. Hence the name of `The Indian´. Then, each player must guess if its own card is higher or lower than the opposite. It alternates in each round the order in which they speak.

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  • UpdatedOctober 04,2015
  • Size3.64MB
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  • Current Version1.2.1
  • Requires AndroidAndroid 2.3 or higher