The Ninja Shadow Turtle Run and Fight
Umida Games - Sep 13, 2017


If you are a fan of ninja rua games so this game is for you , very simple game to play.
The Ninja Shadow Turtle Run and Fight is an award winning 2d runner that takes place in a city.
You have just found the number one cartoony endless runner.
The Ninja Shadow Turtle Run and Fight is a game for run away from a black tiger to save your life.
Break, jump over, slide of Turtles under and dodge obstacles for a non-stop run.
This is the thrilling and exhilarating ninja and turtle adventure running game.
Enjoy the run n fight through the mysterious city .
You are the perfect little ninja shadow turtle in the universe!
The turtles ninja running game will have you playing for hours.
The turtles ninja runs, the japan races and you have to ensure she gets through all those obstacles!
So are you gamed? And ready to play this game the hours and hours.
Help the turtles in overcoming evil monsters angry animation such as trees and birds attacking and deadly traps and that by running,
jumping over rocks and barriers and sharp blades so that the turtles be able to enjoy the beautiful journey.
Join to world of alien and mutant ninja.
Get ready to be a ninja rua , the most powerful ninja you have ever seen.
Help the Mutant Ninja Rua travel through portals and fight evil in this action-packed street fighting game.
You are the perfect little ninja shadow turtle in the universe!
Travel with him through the country collecting all the treasures along the way.
Use your skills to guide the Turtle Ninja and help him complete each stage and win him all achievements.
This game fan of ninja must have !!!

Game Features :
+ Run, jump and fight against enemy.
+ Amazing power-up use turtle porwer
+ Explore the mysterious masks !
+ Free to play and free downloads
+ Face the unknown dangers and fear!
+ Classic graphics with turtles
+ Special skill

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Current Version
Requires Android
Sep 13, 2017
Android 2.3 or higher

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