The Savior of future : Tank War
골든피그엔터테인먼트(,) - Jan 12, 2018


Pilot with Earth ability but special ability.
With more than 200 pieces, you can create your own mechanics to create beautiful earth from the hands of aliens.
Can you save it?
Feel the thrill of a forgotten action game again.

◆ Introduction ◆

★ Design and grow your own mechanic
Only one tank given to you against an alien force that conquered the planet.
Collect your own parts and fight back with new mechanics!

★ Operate future mechanic rather than past tank
World War II? World War I?
We are a domestic game that manages the future mechanics!

★ 24-hour boss mode, gold rush mode to collect gold!
Can you defeat the strange alien race that awaits you for 24 hours?
Test your mechanics and collect gold!

★ Collect pilots, upgrade skills and set up your team
Characters in the story can be employed as pilots!
Upgrade your skills and make your own!

★ Acquisition of friends through ranking system
Let's make a top ranker friend for next season.
Those friends will soon be your guild!

★ Popular web novel Enjoy the story of the future savior!
A great story like a console game.
Can you see the end of the story?

This game will keep on breathing with users through constant updates.
Please enjoy the game with confidence.

★ Official site of the game to talk together!

There will be several events going through this Facebook page, so it would be great if you could follow us.

Thank you

* Essential Access Rights *
Pictures, media, files: To store game data in a repository
Reading and recording external storage: Needed for customer center, use of images in the community, and various settings and cache storage of games.

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Additional information

Current Version
Requires Android
Jan 12, 2018
Android 4.0.3 or higher

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