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TICTALES - Oct 6, 2017
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Download the application for free, and start your love story in this interactive visual novel :

Our passionate heroine has just finished her studies in interior design. She moves to New York in the hope of finding a job that match with her talent. She wants to work for Walsh's Design, the most popular design agency in town. The agency was founded by a brilliant and ambitious woman, Sheryl Walsh.

To her surprise, the heroine is summoned for an interview with the agency that so many young graduates dream about. The interview is conducted by the charismatic artistic director, Dan Walsh. Little by little, a duo is formed between the two. Is it love? But as this relationship forms, it is not to the taste of Sheryl Walsh, and she will not hesitate to threaten the heroine.

She warns her son that if he continues this relationship he will be fired and disinherited. Clear, pressure is mounting within the agency. Fortunately, the heroine is able to count on her colleague Eva, who will quickly become her best friend and confidante.

Shortly after the heroine is hired, the mysterious billionaire Cary Hughes is back in town after many years on the West Coast and traveling around the world. Hughes calls on Walsh's Design to renovate his New York penthouse. At the same time, the heroine learns that the financial situation and the future of the agency are in peril, so this makes the Hughes contract a top priority. She therefore spends many moments going between the agency and the Hughes’s penthouse, and, little by little, she becomes acquainted with the mysterious businessman. What is his secret? Is it romance ? Is it love?

The heroine is caught in the middle of a love triangle, having to choose between Dan Walsh and Cary Hughes, and she will need to overcome the obstacles that will surely come her way. Live your interactive story and your love story today.

In this interactive game, you will find:

- A memorable romantic story of love and seduction
- An interactive visual novel with choices.
- A free Otome Game in English
- Choices in your love story
- Your story of love and seduction

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Current Version
Requires Android
Oct 6, 2017
Android 4.1.2 or higher

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