Thermometer Body Temp. Prank
wetevl - Aug 13, 2017


The impact of body temperature in a human body is at large as body temperature affects the whole body. This is a prank app and is meant for fun and entertainment purpose only. Body temperature is measured by a clinical thermometer and represents a balance between the heat produced by the body and the heat it loses. Though heat production and heat loss vary with circumstances. the body regulates them, keeping a remarkably constant temperature. This application cannot calculate temperature, it only creates fun though it is a prank application but it will create an unintentional consideration towards health because this is what matters the most health. Health parameters like Blood Sugar Level or Blood Glucose Level need to be monitored to avoid diabetes. Oxygen Level which is supposed to be determined by Pulse Rate Oximeter SPO2 and other parameters like Heart Rate really are the matter of concern towards health.

---------------------------------------Guidelines to use this Application---------------------------------------

• Launch Application
• Select your Gender
• Tap on the screen
• Wait for Result


Body Temperature Thermometer is a prank application and it has no intention to deceive and it is not considered authentic and considerable because it is not it is only designed to let people have fun and enjoy and it has no authenticity in it at all, So users should never pay attention to results.

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Current Version
Requires Android
Aug 13, 2017
Android 2.3 or higher