Tiger Live Wallpaper
Free Wallpapers and Backgrounds - Sep 13, 2017


If you simply adore these wild cats download free Tiger Live Wallpaper! Admire this “tiger wallpaper” and enjoy the gorgeous sight from your smartphone! Hear the roar of the jungle by downloading the best “tiger wallpapers live 3d”! Be a part of a wild world and set this angry tiger pictures on your home screen! Just one look at the “eye of the tiger” and you will feel powerful like he! Install free “white tiger live wallpapers” and embellish your photo gallery with new pics of wild tigers! If you think that the tigers are the most beautiful animals in the world, you must pet tiger on your screen! Have a real tiger images on your phone or tablet and enjoy your favorite wild animal! Take care of your baby tiger and carry it whenever you go! Join the clan of tiger and become a wild beast! Show everyone how much these furry big cats and set wonderful “tiger images hd”! With tiger hunter pictures you will feel so happy and powerful!

- Wide choice of phenomenal live wallpapers!
- Excellent 3D parallax effect!
- Beautiful HD graphics and open GL!
- Animated objects falling down the screen!
- Choose the speed, number and type of particles!
- Social share button!
- Optimized battery usage!
- Compatible with 99% mobile phones and tablet devices!
- The tiger wallpaper app will sleep when your phone is inactive, so this Tiger Live Wallpaper HD will not drain your battery.
- Tiger backgrounds fully support horizontal orientation and look amazing on both mobile phones and tablet devices!
- New wallpapers are added daily – collect all of them!
- This beautiful, free and enjoyable background is waiting for you!

What do you think, who is stronger? Lion vs tiger? Get awesome pictures of tiger fight and set angry Tiger Live Wallpaper HD! Put this strong animal on your desktop background and show your wild nature! The best "animal live wallpaper" is at your disposal! If you like wild animals like, black jaguar, white tiger, lions and other wild cats, you will certainly adore this "live wallpaper hd"! Live the life of a black tiger and be a part of the jungle world! Take tigers wallpaper live and turn your smartphone into zoo! With cute animals wallpapers you will feel so good! Get the majestic "pictures of tigers" and admire this big animal! If the bengal tiger is your favorite, you will be amazed by the stunning view of these live backgrounds!

Admire the elegance and grace of these humongous felines sitting on your phone screen! This Tiger Live Wallpaper will turn your phone into mighty jungle! Tame the wilderness, be a fearless leader with these "white tiger backgrounds"! Get this cute app with tiger and feel the joy! Decorate your screen with wild nature wallpapers! Select your favorite "tiger photo" and embellish your desktop with the top animated wallpapers! Install this fierce tiger live wallpaper and enjoy the ferociousness of the world's biggest cat! Explore the wildlife and enjoy the adventure with amazing tigers! Watch breathtaking tigers roaming through among the trees and bushes, prairies and steppes lurking their prey. You will fall in love with its animal prints which will decorate your smartphone screen perfectly! This amazing new wallpaper app will take you to natural habitat of these amazing wild animal species where you will have the chance to hear their powerful roars and howls.

DISCLAIMER: This app contains images for which are believed to be in public domain. Please notify us immediately if you own rights and it will be removed!

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Sep 13, 2017
Android 4.0 or higher

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