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Tilt Arena..

Tilt Arena..

Priority Interrupt - May 28,2014

Action Games

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Tilt Arena is a retro arena shooter (think Geometry Wars!) with sleek vector graphics and a zero button control scheme designed to get your fingers out of the way: just tilt!
Game mode: Survival
All about having a ton of weapons, using them to blow stuff up spectacularly, and changing them often. Grabbing weapon pickups increases the score multiplier so don't get too attached to one.
Note: The permission to access identity and phone calls is for Scoreloop's online leaderboard. That system is changing soon so this (overly scary) permission is thankfully temporary.

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Additional information

  • UpdatedMay 28,2014
  • Size2.11MB
  • Downloads17,434
  • Current Version1.3
  • Requires AndroidAndroid 2.1 or higher