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Enjoy this exciting Pinoy card game called Tongits. TongitsXtreme is played offline and is absolutely free!

In this app version of the game of Tongits, you play against 2 computer players. The Artificial Intelligence (AI) engines could be average or a hustler, a conservative or an aggressive player! They will challenge your analytical skills to the point of driving you to madness, leaving you in amazement of how brilliant they are.

- User Experience feels like the real thing.
- Intelligent opponents with multiple AI personalities
- Multiple levels. Lower levels are easier. Get past level 7 to unlock the more brilliant AIs.
- You don't like cards dealt to you? No problem; just re-deal. (Only available in Level 7++).
- Detailed Payment Scheme to guide you how much you are winning (or lossing).
- Select your card back design
- Interactive Messages to guide you throughout the game
- Tokens and flags to remind player of previous round winner, last player to pick card from stack, and jackpot winner
- Player's Money, Level, Rounds played, etc. backed-up even if App is updated
- Swipe on the dumped card stack to see all the dumped cards
- You don't have to remember how many cards are left on the deck; remaining card count is displayed on top of the deck.

Tong-its is a 3 player card game developed in the Northern Philippines. Your goal is to reduce the total value of your hand on your turn. You will win if you have done one of the ff :
a) Eliminated all your cards ("Tong-its!")
b) The lowest hand value at the end of the round
c) The lowest hand value in a Draw/Fight

To reduce your hand value:
a) Form and Post at least 1 Made
b) Attach card/s to the Posted Mades

Jackpot is won if you win two consecutive rounds.

The round starts with the deal – 13 cards for the starting player/previous round winner and 12 cards for the other 2.

If it’s your turn:
-Start by picking from the Stack or the latest Dumped Card
-Post the Made created if you picked the latest Dumped Card
-You may or may not Post the other Made/s in your hand
-Attach card/s to Posted Made/s
-End your turn by Dumping a Card

You can initiate a “Draw” before picking from the Stack or Dumped Card if:
-You have Posted at least 1 Made
-No card was attached to your Posted Made/s from your previous turn to your current turn


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Current Version
Requires Android
Aug 12, 2017
Android 4.0 or higher

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